It is very curious that the polity has surprisingly eased into a suspicious deafening silence as the whistle that hitherto sounded the death knell for .alleged ‘treasury looters’ has suddenly run out of wind after many months of well scripted political whistle blowing chicanery.

In the many months of the year 2017, Nigerians were treated to several questionable images of bundles of local and foreign currencies neatly arrange and stashed away at selected locations in the country, at peak political points, when the integrity of the chairman of the anti-corruption agency, Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ibrahim Magu, was being called to question by the Nigerian Senate. There seem to be a very thin nexus between when the whistles appeared and Magu’s travails with the upper legislative chamber, suggestive of the fact that these faceless blowers of the whistles may not just be ordinary patriotic Nigerians wishing to pull the rug off the feet corrupt public officers but rather an orchestrated high stake political subterfuge with the sole aim of presenting the nation with a facade akin to the voice of Jacob in the kid skin of Esau.

At one point, the miracle whistle located abandoned wades of N49million notes at Kaduna airport that the owner no longer found useful up to date, then it went on again to locate some bundles in the over-crowded Balogun market in Lagos, and many others, before it finally blew a hurricane on Nigeria Intelligence Agency (NIA) monies at the Ikoyi apartments even after the whistle was informed before the dramatic television raid that the monies belonged to a government security agency.

The Ikoyi apartment whistling became the last straw that dealt a severe blow to the camels back! It never went according to plan. Rather than boost the image of EFCC and its government piper, who ordinarily any day, would proudly have show cased such find as an achievement, it ended boxing them into a suffocating corner with consequences far reaching than they ever anticipated. Rather portray the owner (who incidentally the nation does not still know) of the funds as corrupt it put an end to whistling imageries and got the government retreating under pressure from CLOs, opposition and the media as a result of unwillingness to publish findings on the orphaned Ikoyi Apartment monies; Ayo Oke lost his job and today the perfume of nepotism tends to be killing the government with respect to his replacement. Conspiracy theorist are also beginning to feed the narrative of a Federal Government body language Whistle blown on people they wish to replace with their kindred. This was the last we heard of the mystery whistle; where has it gone? Did it fade away like Ayo Oke or like the Magu’s integrity issue?

The sad part of the stories created by Mr. Whistle is that the culprits are mostly spiritual beings who share no part in physical prosecution; they are only attracted by noise of whistles; they play their roles in the dropping of the monies; Magu boys come visiting, see the money, rush to the media for a show off and the spirits return to their realm waiting for the whistle to blow again. None of the whistled out orphaned monies have owners; none has been linked to proceeds of crime, no one has been convicted; but yes one has been replaced even though no offence was established. The more reason a wonderful policy like whistle blowing has died a self-death simply because the blowers are like a controlled circuit that act what it is told ‘I mean, garbage in, garbage out’. There was an instant when the mystical whistle blew on the sacked SGF and it almost took ecclesiastical powers to descend for an EFCC who are quick to respond to scripted whistle sounds to say a hello!

The wind pipe of the whistle will blow for good if it is powered by the Nigerian people and possibilities that so many privileged Nigerians will blow it without expecting rewards but for the fence of clannishness, nepotism and revenge; the whistle has fallen into the wrong hands while the main actors who should lead remain nonchalant spectators. The government must locate and place the whistle in the hands of the right people not political jobbers who use it to protect their appointments or script to show off that they are working.
Nigerians long to hear the whistles blow again and this time, from the mouths of the people desperately in need for good governance.