Soyinka Launches Scathing Attack on Buhari Over Trump


Professor Wole Soyinka has come down heavily on President Muhammadu Buhari for the swift manner in which the Nigeria’s president congratulated Donald Trump for winning the just concluded United States of America, (US) elections.

Speaking at his world press conference held at Freedom Park, Lagos Island, Nigeria, the Nobel Laureate advised the Nigeria’s President to be mindful and conscious of the kind of people he congratulates for winning or losing elections. He noted that for President Buhari to congratulate a man whose policies are inherently anti-minorities does not speak the collective voices of these group of people that include Nigerians.

It would be recalled that part of Trump’s electoral promise was to deport undocumented minorities that included Africans and Hispanics for which he was roundly criticized by both liberals and even some far right conservatives within his own Republican Party. The riots that broke out in most American States were a quick pointer to the growing anti-Trump sentiments in the U.S.

Soyinka,during the press conference,also made reference to Buhari’s congratulation of the defeated incumbent Gambian president, Yahya Jammeh, whom he described as a despot that dehumanised his people in his 22-year reign as head of state. He wondered how he could congratulate Jammeh for accepting defeat considering the barbaric tenure of the defeated president.


  1. I strongly believe that old age is not being fair to wole Soyinka. I sometimes admire his courage but sometimes he talks out of point. On this very issue, Soyinka goofed because it was the responsibility of buhari to congratulate Trump. If you are not a supporter of Trump that has no place in the diplomatic ties between Nigeria and the United State of America. The Americans have chosen their leader and it is not our place to tell them their choice is wrong or right. Professor Soyinka would have made a very poor leader because he would put put personal sentiments above his official duties.

  2. @Dave. Talking about official responsibility in Govt. What have you got to say about president elect Donald Trump hobnobbing with Taiwan against existing US foreign policy that has instigated a formal complaint from China? No president is compelled to rush to congratulate any winner of an election. Actions should be guided by national interests only and in this case nothing in the campaign promises of DT seem to be in the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians in diaspora.

  3. Its typical of us Nigerians either private individuals or Government officials to join issues with happenings in other countries even when within us we have myriad of unresolved and challenging issues.