Security Experts Say Boko Haram Now Operates From Cells


Security experts and intelligence sources now claim that Boko Haram insurgents now operate from multiple cellsin Nigeria, Chad and Niger, the Armada scooped yesterday. This, they explained, is responsible for the spate of bombings in Maiduguri, the capital city of Borno State and other parts of the North East in recent times.

According to the information, the insurgents may have scaled down operations from Sambisa Forest, an uncharted territory in Borno and splintered into cells of operation from bordering countries. This became necessary for continued operation of the sect after the Nigerian military in conjunction with a multinational task force claimed to have overrun Boko Haram’s operational base in Sambisa forest. “This does not rule out the possibility of the insurgents still holding out in the forest,” explained an intelligence source in the Defense Headquarters (DHQ) Abuja.

“Sambisa is almost twice the size of the South East of the country and also bigger than the entire South West. You need lots of boots on the ground which we can’t spare, given our commitments to Niger Delta, South East and other trouble spots across the country,” the source told the paper.

According to the informer who asked not to be mentioned by name, this thinking explains why BokoHaram has continued to carry on attacks in the country, Niger and Chad despite Army overrunning Sambisa.

Last week, about five Nigerian soldiers and more than 15 Boko Haram fighters were killed when the jihadists attacked an army base in the remote northeastern town of Buni Yadi, Yobe State, where the group has been fighting for an Islamic state.

Though the Army confirmed the attack, it has not officially confirmed the casualty level. Apart from the soldiers who lost their lives in the attack, several explosions carried out by suicide bombers in Maiduguri,is now a constant source of security worry.