Following his blistering press statement on the President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) government, the news media has been awash with the news that OBJ is mobilising a coalition of Nigerians made up of same old politicians from the APC and PDP, to oust the ruling APC government of PMB from power. Some of those rumoured to have signed on to the coalition are serving political office holders from both sides of the divide, as if jumping from one political party to another automatically makes one a saint or a better leader.

OBJ is not deploying his immense wealth to funding or mobilising a coalition of young enterprising Nigerians untainted by politics for this purpose, but the same people who have vacillated between the PDP and the APC with no clear cut ideology. There is no doubt that OBJ has spoken out and acted decisively in the past to pull this country from the precipice. But his actions are increasingly becoming selfish and done to peddle influence and to remain relevant. Until he is ready to deploy his wealth, power and connections towards assisting to bring on board a new and young breed of leaders for the country, his interventions should only be regarded for their value in putting pressure on the sitting government to sit up. No one should follow OBJ into forming another coalition of thieves that does this nation no good just because he wants to eternally remain relevant. His opinion may be valuable towards kicking an incompetent government from power, but it should not and never again point us in the direction to follow, unless such a direction points us away from the same brood of vipers that has held and still want to hold the country hostage. Changing leadership simply for change sake with the same personnel should never again be tolerated.

Nigerians, especially the young ones with means should begin to organise to take over the *reins* of leadership. It is not sufficient to sit comfortable on top that great wealth you have amassed through hardwork and ingenuity and hope that things will get better. Soon you may have no country or the peaceful environment to enjoy that wealth. Time to bring that ingenuity and modern skills to politics is now. Nigerian youth and the young arise! 2019 should not be the year of business as usual. The future you seek and complain about ceaselessly on social media is in your hands. Enough of the talk. Let’s now work the talk.