NAS protests in Abuja demands sack of Umar as CCT Chairman


There is no let-up for the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), Mr Danladi Umar as the agitation for his removal took a new dimension with the National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) staging a protest in Abuja on Tuesday calling on the National Assembly to activate the necessary constitutional provisions to remove him from office.

Nigerians last week launched criticism against Umar’s misconduct when he was caught in a video assaulting a 22-year-old security guard, Clement Sagwak at the Banex Plaza in Abuja.

The Police Command of the Federal Capital Territory rather than arrest and prosecute Umar for assault have turned a blind eye only to harass Sagwak and some traders at the Banex.

However, members of NAS in a protest march at the CCT office in Abuja carried placards with inscriptions such as “We demand Equity and Justice, sack CCT Chairman Now’ ‘Say No to Elite Oppression’’ Say No to Judicial Tyrants, CCT Chairman Must Go’ ‘Arrest and Prosecute CCT Chairman’ called on the National Assembly to invoke the necessary constitutional provisions to remove Umar from office.

The Capoon of Zuma Deck, Mr Anderson Oseh said there was no justification for Umar to remain in office as CCT Chairman after his public misconduct on March 29.

“We are basically here to call on the CCT Chairman to say that his action on the 29th of March where he assaulted the security man at Banex Plaza is totally uncalled for. He is no longer fit to head the CCT. We are here to say that those responsible to ensure he is removed from the office do so as a matter of urgency. We are aware that the President cannot sack him that is why we are calling on the National Assembly who can remove him by 2/3 majority to do so. We want this matter to be investigated on time and justice to be served. We cannot have such a person adjudicating on matters that concern other public officials. We are by this action calling on other Nigerians to join us in the campaign to ensure Mr Umar is removed from office. We should stop this charade of embarrassing this country before the international community. Enough is enough of the elite oppressing people in this country. They act with impunity. This is not the first time; it should stop with Mr Danladi Umar.”

Also speaking Mr Olamide Oni, First Mate of Sahara Deck said the minimum requirement, NAS expected from Mr Umar was for him to step down and face prosecution.

“We are here to protest against the conduct of the CCT Chairman. We all saw the video and what he did to that young man who only asked him to ensure that he parked his car properly. The man assaulted him and attempted to change the story. All we are asking for is for the man to be prosecuted. He should be brought to book. The minimum we require of him is to step down from that office and be prosecuted. We are here today to call on all relevant authorities to act fast.”

The Area Mate, Mr Joachim Okudo called on the National Assembly to commence the removal of Umar immediately.

“We are using this medium to call on the National Assembly to start the process of removing Mr Danladi Umar from office. We cannot have someone of his type adjudicate on issues that have to do with the misconduct of public officials. This is a time to say enough is enough” he said.