Why IGP Moved To Stop Abuja-Kaduna Highway Robbery and Kidnap Nightmare

Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris

Fresh insights recently emerged on why Inspector General of police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris, activated a crack unit to stop the menace of the Abuja – Kaduna highway robberies and incessant abduction saga.
As gathered, high level intelligence available to the IGP intelligence unit showed that the kidnappers may well have penetrated members of local police unit in the area.

There was also the fears that fleeing Boko Haram members are part of the growing menace, using the material activity to raise money to continue their acts of terror.
The highway returned to its notorious reputation after the opening of the Abuja International airport. This meant that overwhelming security presence was taken away from the road.

The IGP, earlier in the week, with immediate effect, deployed a special squad on the notorious Abuja-Kaduna highway to curb incessant robbery and kidnap incidents.
The squad, according to news release from the police headquarters in Abuja is made up of men from the police Anti-Kidnapping Unit, Intelligent Response Team, Special Tactical Squad, Force Intelligence Branch and Police Helicopters to root out Kidnappers and Armed Robbers on Abuja-Kaduna Highway.

“IGP is concerned with Kidnappings in recent times on Abuja-Kaduna Highway and has since deployed a Joint Police Team,” explained Jimoh Moshood, police spokesman.
“The Joint Police Team are under specific and definite mandate to root out the kidnap for ransom gangs and armed robbery gangs that have being terrorising the Abuja-Kaduna Highway in recent times.
“The operations is to complement and augment the on-going Joint Police/Military operations on ground before now,” he added.

The police code name the operation, ‘Absolute Sanity’.
To underscore the importance of the operation and achieve success, the Deputy Inspector General of Police and Department of Operations has been mandated to supervise the operation as overall commander while the Deputy Commissioner of Police, In-Charge of the Police Mobile Force is the Grand Commander of the Operations.

The police personnel are expected to work on actionable Intelligence at the disposal of the Force and carry out massive deployment and twenty four hours surveillance and patrol, continuous raids of identified and other suspected hideouts of the kidnappers with a view to arresting them promptly before they attack innocent people.