Governor Dickson accuses Buhari led APC govt of toying with national security and stockpiling arms in Bayelsa State


Governor Dickson accuses Buhari led APC govt of toying with national security and stockpiling arms in Bayelsa State
By Preye Ebiowei

Gov. Seriake Henry Dickson

Governor Henry Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa state has slammed the All Progressive Congress (APC) led government of toying with national security.
Dickson reacting to the killings in the New Year in Kaduna and Rivers states and the attack launched by herdsmen in Benue state said the failure of President Mohammadu Buhari to personally take charge of national security and engage critical stakeholders has given room for some members of his party to compromise national security in the name of politics. Dickson who stated this a statement signed his Chief Press Secretary, Francis Ottah Agbo accused some APC chieftains of taking advantage of the dysfunctional federal structure and the imperfect Nigeria structure to hijack the security architecture to torment innocent citizens for their selfish ends and by so doing, causing national insecurity.
He condemned in very strong terms the recent killings across the country, warning that Nigeria might cease to have a future if the Federal Government fails to urgently unite the peoples of Nigeria to avert the nation-wide senseless killing.
According to him Nigeria is more than ever before too divided and unstable under the APC- led Federal Government. While calling on Buhari to personally handle security matters and engage State Governors on security situations across the states, he urged Buhari to call his party leaders especially, those in Bayelsa State to order to desist from sponsoring insecurity in the state.
The Governor said: “These APC leaders exploit the fact that Mr President is not personally involved in the handling of national security to breach national peace and security. They know that he is not in charge of the critical issues of national security because he is not personally handling them the way he should. So they take advantage of the President’s attitude and the dysfunctional Nigeria state to intimidate and blackmail security agencies for their selfish interest and in the process, endanger the safety of lives and property of Nigerians. These APC leaders use the name of the President to sponsor criminals to unleash savage violence on innocent citizens. Their aim is to cause panic and force them to align with them. A case in point is in Bayelsa State where some APC leaders hide under the protection of the Federal Government to stockpile arms and ammunition to maim and kill innocent citizens just to instil fear in them. I have personally reported this to Mr. President and to the best of my knowledge, there has not been any decisive action from him or the Federal Government. Instead of prosecuting these criminals, the Federal Government has beefed up security around them. The politicisation of national security must stop, for there can be no country without security!”