FG scores anti-graft war high

Nigeria's Minister of Information and Culture- Lai Mohammed

The Federal Government has given itself pass mark in the on-going anti-corruption war the government is waging in the country.

 The Minister for Information and Orientation, Alhaji Lai Mohammed in an interview with Channels TV dismissed the recent ranking of Nigeria on the corrupt ladder by Transparency International as not a true reflection of the anti-graft war being waged by the federal government.

He explained that the President Mohammadu Buhari government has put in place institutional frame work to plug leakages and looting of the treasury in the country.

  Mohammed who listed the various measures and frame work being implemented by the government to check corruption, he said those measures are more important than the jailing of indicted treasury looters.  

“The ranking is not a correct reflection of the success of the war against corruption recorded by the Buhari government. It is quite natural given the seeming delay in prosecution and conviction of politically exposed people that we might not be able to move as fast on the ranking line but what we must focus on are  the institutional reforms this government has put in place to fight corruption. Fighting corruption is just about prosecuting and jailing politically exposed people. It has more to do with institutional frame work that a government should be judge. This government more than any government has faithful has put place institutional framework that has made looting of our resources much more difficult”.

On allegations that the anti-graft war is selective, Mohammed described such claims as false adding that switching parties and joining the APC would not treasury looters.

“It is absolutely false. The truth of the matter such allegations are an attempt to whittle down the fight against corruption and politicise the anti-corruption war.  For 16 years the PDP presided over the affairs of the country and now if we are waging war against corruption, it is only natural that majority of people who would have cases to answer would be those who have presided over the affairs of the government for sixteen years. And frankly speaking the argument that if you join APC and your sins are forgiven has no basis. Recently some governors were convicted and one of them unfortunately is in APC. The truth of the matter is that our fight against corruption has no political colouration. If you have not looted the treasury, you have nothing to fear; only the guilty are afraid”.