DHQ Reacts To Rumours of Soldiers’ In Pakistan, Mum On Disarmament of Troops In Kaduna

Special Forces of the Nigerian army

Defense Headquarters, DHQ, response on troops’ presence in Pakistan fell short of addressing talks of disarmament of army officers believed to be from one section of the country in Kaduna. The report on the disarmament had it that the officers were relieved of their weapons as part of measures to douse tension on the ongoing threats by elements North of the country to forcefully eject Igbos from the North.

Army headquarters was mum about the this matter, but sent response on the trending rumour of army personnel in Pakistan undergoing training with a view to kill people of some ethnic extraction in Nigeria.

DHQ says that there are indeed 1000 Nigerian troops in Pakistan but made up of elements from all nationalities in Nigeria.

“Operationally, the Armed Forces of Nigeria is poised on building its capacity to meet the contemporary security challenges in the country.

“This is being done with other countries with similar security challenges of which Pakistan is one.

“Hence, the collaboration with Pakistan for the training of additional counter terrorist troops in addition to own local training efforts.

“ It is instructive to clearly state that the Nigerian troops that trained as a unit on counter terrorism in Pakistan were drawn from the Nigerian Army, Navy and Airforce, in line with the concept of the force generation.

“The personnel cut across all the religions as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution.

“All the geopolitical zones and major tribes in Nigeria are represented in the composition of the unit, as usual with the Nigerian Military.

“It is not an isolated training programme but an existing and continuous exercise,” explained John Enenche, director Defense Information.