COVID-19 :We have enough laws to restrict, quarantine people- Police


The Nigerian Police Force has said there are enough laws to ensure Nigerians obey the restrictions orders to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

The Police also stated that persons supposed to be on quarantined but refused risk imprisonment, fine or both.

 The spokesman of the Police Force, Frank Mba speaking on Channels TV programme, Sunrise Daily said the Nigerian Constitution has given powers to the government which it can exercise in the times of health emergency Nigeria has found itself.

Mba reacting to complaints that the government is infringing on their fundamental human rights with its restrictions orders said government reserves the right to do ignore the rights of individuals when the safety of the citizens are at risk.

“The ideal thing would be for citizens to voluntarily obey the orders that has been given but in cases we discover that that there are reluctance on the part of citizens and some persons are recalcitrant on obeying the rules or these orders then we would come in very strongly to make sure we take measures to ensure they obey these restrictions orders. 

We have come under questions by people who feel some of these orders are abridgement of their fundamental human rights.  And honestly I was very surprised that in this time that we are clearly in a state of emergency some persons could still be talking about the abridgment of their fundamental rights. But even at that the Constitution did provide very clearly as specifically in Section 45 that there are situations where these fundamental rights can be breached and this includes for purposes of public safety, for purposes of public order and for purposes of public health. So clearly under Section 45 of the Constitution, Public health comes in clearly and for that reason, your right to freedom of movement; your right to freedom of assembly and all manners of right can be restrained if that comes very important in protecting the generality of our citizens.

Under Section 5 of the Quarantine Act if you fail to obey either of these regulations you are committing a criminal offence and you can be liable to a option of a fine or an imprisonment of 6 months or a combination of both. There are enough laws already in place which we can apply breakers of these restrictions orders to book.”