2019 polls is credible-  Chekwas Okorie


–  PDP has no regard for South- East

 The national chairman of United Peoples Party (UPP) Mr Chekwas Okorie has declared that the 2019 Presidential election is one of the credible and transparent elections in modern day democracy.

 Okorie who spoke as guest on Arise TV morning show said anybody criticising the 2019 election is being economical with the truth considering what Nigerians have witnessed before in elections.

 According to him the 2019 election gave opportunities for the opposition part to win in states where the ruling party had state governors.

“The 2019 election is the best Nigeria ever had.   It is the best in the history of our modern democracy from 1999 to date. If you remember in 2007, late President Yar Adua had 24 million votes with President Buhari trailing behind with 11 million votes. Of course everybody knew no vote was cast anywhere. We couldn’t talk about vote-buying because there was no vote to buy. You just have to settle INEC and they would agree with whatever you have written down.  This was what we kept having but Prof Jega things start to improve. So when votes started counting, the incidence of vote-buying now came in. Vote- buying is an indication and acceptance that the voter is now more relevant. You can see a situation where the PDP candidate, Atiku Abubakar won in areas people thought he could never win.  But look at him in Oyo state, winning in Ondo, these are APC states. Look at him winning in Edo State where not only they have APC governor but they have national chairman from that state. He made quite impressive showing. Look at the South- South he practically won in the six states of the South- south and of the states in the South- East. So this is a hotly contested election managed by a credible INEC body.  I am practically comforted that all the International and local Observers have given INEC a pass mark”

Okorie whose party endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari before the Presidential election lamented that the South- East has continue to follow the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) without any commensurate benefits to the region.

 He accused the PDP of littering the South- East region with abandoned projects and continues to manipulate the political elite to follow without any tangible benefit to the people.

“Some of the things the Buhari government has done are unprecedented. This is the only government that came and did not discriminate against government contractors obviously engaged by previous administration. Every PDP government cancels contracts awarded by government of the same party or even abandoned it and awarded new ones. That is after 16 years, the country especially in the South- East was littered abandoned projects. Do you that when President Buhari commissioned the Aba Independent project at Ariaria Market it turned out to be the first ever project commissioned by ay President or Head of State since 1970 that the war ended. When we talk about marginalization people think we are just crying wolf.  The question I have posed to the PDP and I would continue to pose it until I get an answer is PDP should show me one project that started and completed by PDP in the 16 years it ruled anywhere in the South- East. PDP is a very wicked party; it hates our people so much. It continues to manipulate our leaders to follow them and give them nothing in return”.