1,126 Pensioners Die In Kwara After Nonpayment Of Salaries


A joint union of pensioners in Kwara State say that 1, 126 of its members have lost their lives on account of nonpayment of their pension by Abdulfatah Ahmed, governor, Kwara State, since 2015 till date.

They accused the government of paying ridiculous percentages of the pensions ranging from 20% to 50% only and on some occasions not paying at all.

The arrears of pensions so far owed the pensioners amounts to N50 billion, they said.

The pensioners claimed that the over 1000 pensioners that died was as a result of the hardships they were subjected to because of lack of money to meet their medications in the hospital or even buy drugs in the case of the aged among them.

Also, they accused the state government of forcing the aged ex-civil servants to series of verification exercises demanding them to travell long distances from their rural communities.

They listed four recent pensioners who died in Ifelodun Local Government, the home council of the governor to including one Garba Okoye from Share, the home town of the governor. They included late N.S Alabi; 72 years; late Mrs John, 62 years and Late Mr. Alashi, 68 years.

They complained of a Joint Accounts Allocations Committee, JAAC set up by the state government to share local councils federal allocations where the Trade Unions were reduced to mere spectators and the state decides on what pitances to give pensioners.

According to them, JAAC, preside over by the Finance Commissioner usually meet by 8 o’clock in the morning on their chosen meeting day shared the allocations as it pleased them and then called the workers and pensioners representatives to come and collect their prepared sharing papers already signed and stamped.

In a prepared speech read by the State Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners, NUP; Alhaji Isiaka Akanbi, they specifically accused the state government of stagnation of payment of gratuities, deliberate Non implementation of 20% harmonization of year 2010 salary increase to the Local Government/Local Government Education Authority pensioners, inadequate Monthly Allocation to the Local Government Pensioners and wrongful receipt of London/Paris Club Refund of the sum of N3.377billion to third Tier of Government in Kwara State.